body sport

body sport


Lessons from sports


Benefits that go beyond the body A teacher teaches us how to understand life from a young age.


 To overcome daily challenges


body sport
body sport

in focus

  • The most significant benefits of sports are perhaps a matter of physical health . But apart from that it is a skill that children learn used to live with others and aim to succeed in life
  • For children who play sports, their families, peers, and coaches will encourage and cheer them on.
  • Every sport has rules or rules that must be followed and maintained. Which range from technical bans or rules to prevent physical injury to the practice of respecting the rules since these children will make it possible to adapt to live with different societies very well

Everyone should do sports. At least for a while and no matter the sport he always teaches us to learn something.

This article would like to try to invite everyone to remember their childhood. The age that is about to start experiencing free time to be as useful as adults like to talk about it. When we were young one of the main activities to take into account was ‘playing sports’ and perhaps not everyone continues to play sports today.

If we talk about sports, the benefits that come from it all relate to the body. And when we were young, it can be said that there are major reasons. There is little support, such as the desire to be physically healthy, to grow appropriately, or perhaps the child’s desire to make friends or socialize.

For what reason or is it an intense sport at any level? Sport always trains us to be ” better ” people because not everyone who learns sport can be good in one day. Every person should practice, focus, focus and do it regularly. Make the body remember and strengthen the parts in order to complete our sports better and better

Who learned to play, I started to play. And I began to work well until finally mastered

The physical health benefits are most obvious and tangible to parents. But apart from that it is a skill that children learn or we ourselves learn and here are the skills. This happens when children play sports, even if we ourselves do not notice it.



Playing sports helps us develop social skills. This will benefit him for the rest of his life as he not only learns to interact with people of close age one-on-one but also to communicate with the trainer who guides him.

At the same time, the community learns about that sport. It also helps with driving skills. Communication skills that will help them develop relationships with those around them, whether in school, job or personal relationships.

Strengthening self-esteem

body sport
body sport

         Sports is the main activity. Affects confidence and self-esteem in children For children who play sports, their families, peers, and coaches will encourage and cheer them on. The child will begin to learn and believe in his potential. Until it became commitment, determination and practice to become better. As a result, he was successful in various fields. life upon reaching adulthood


         During sports we will be in situations where we have to make decisions all the time , whether it is “Where is the best way to walk / run”, “Who do we pass the ball to”, or where to direct the ball to the opponent to receive it . The hardest thing, “how much effort or effort to put in” and “what needs to be done, our sports game will turn out as intended” are all decisions all the time.

Some sports require snap decisions. No time for planning All the experiences and skills gained from playing this sport will help us grow. And they can be adapted to all situations, not just on the field because work and life also require smart and insightful decisions to reach the goals you set.

Keep the rules

Every sport has rules or rules that must be followed and maintained. Which range from technical rules prohibited in that sport. Or rules to prevent bodily injury in various hazardous locations to the prohibited rules to avoid rudeness including words or gestures that hurt or impair the minds of the athletes together up to the referee Keeping the rules and making those agreements will help children learn and understand the rules of society as well.

If there is any sports game in which the players follow the rules well it will result in an impressive competition. But besides that it also helps the children to learn the importance of rules or rules of life and the country that they will encounter in the future. In any sports you will help children learn to respect and understand the rules of society as well.

body sport
body sport

Unity and kindness

Teamwork or teamwork skills It is an important skill for all ages. It is considered an indispensable thing in sports.

Sports teach children the importance of working with others. Everyone must work together for the team to achieve or achieve their goals. It will only be obtained when everyone is committed, determined, united and share this success together.

Competition results that come from working together as a team. You will teach important life lessons to children that will accompany them when facing every challenge life matter


In addition to all the above skills, it would not be wrong to say that  “Sports is a teacher of life”. Because apart from textbooks in class, sports are a life lesson that every age group must overcome. Face fear and overcome challenges without worrying about not being good enough. Because if you focus, you focus and give enough time for it. Each goal is certainly within reach.

Learning and adding experiences to life can take many forms, not just reading. The experience that arises during work is a tool that will teach you to better understand, remember and develop yourself. Like sports, it takes effort, commitment, and determination. And sport will also be a teacher of life. Which gives lessons for everyone to learn, grow and develop themselves to overcome different challenges


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