how exercise helps the brain

how exercise helps the brain


The benefits of exercise for the mind 

How does exercise affect the mind?

Exercise triggers the secretion of certain substances in the nervous system called neurotransmitters, and some of these transmitters, such as endorphins and dopamine, can help improve mental health and happiness. [1] Exercise also affects the levels of other chemicals found in the brain. , including stress hormones.[2]

What are the benefits of sports for the mind?

how exercise helps the brain
how exercise helps the brain

Exercise helps provide many mental health and mental health benefits, including the following:

Stress Relief:

Sports can help a person release tension and pressure around them by lowering stress hormones such as cortisol and improving mood through endorphins, which are also released.[3]

Take your mind off negative things

 Sports can distract the mind from negative thoughts by focusing on the exercise itself or by entering a state of total relaxation.[3]

Boost self-confidence

 Sport can increase a person’s self-confidence due to its physical effect on weight loss and body tone, which improves a person’s appearance and thus enhances their mood and self-confidence..[3]

Improve social relationships

Exercise helps you get to know others better or even just interact with them, such as saying hello or smiling, and improves your mood.[4]

Reduce anxiety and depression

Sports can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety through the release of endorphins, and in some cases of mild depression, doctors may turn to exercise without resorting to medication to try and get rid of it that way alone.[5]

Improve sleep quality

Sports can help you sleep better by giving your body a calming effect , and it can also help regulate a person’s biological clock, which is responsible for being tired and sleepy or alert and active.

brain stimulator

Exercise can help improve memory and mental performance, as well as reduce brain deterioration and memory loss associated with aging.[5]

How can I start exercising?

Due to the many benefits of sports for mental health and spirit, it is important to constantly follow and stick to the sports system, and here are some tips that can help you stick to the sports system for the longest period of time: [1]

Choose the best time for training

Where it is desirable to choose the time of the day that you prefer, to which you can devote yourself for a long time according to your energy and your desire, it may be morning, evening or other.

.Identify possible targets

Starting with simple, achievable goals will help motivate and stick to the plan in the long run, and goals can be gradually increased.

Choose fun exercises

It is important to choose exercises that you enjoy, that allow you to use your exercise time, and stick to them.

.Do sports with friends or family

It is advisable to practice with friends, family, or in a group, as this helps motivate the person to practice.

Hiring a personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer helps you get the most out of your exercises, better understand them, and benefit from them.

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