quiet sport

quiet sport


Walking is a quiet sport with many benefits

A sport that does not need to strain your budget because of it. It protects you from heart and arterial diseases, diabetes and cancer. It preserves youthfulness, or helps you restore it. It prevents the closure of arteries, reduces cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, improves insulin reception in cells, and facilitates its flow into the cells of the body.
It is a walking sport that is sufficient for you to practice it for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis, so that you can reduce your weight gain and maintain your fitness, regardless of the amount of food that you devour every day. It takes you back to a time before cars,
And it exempts you from adhering to diet programs that expire at the end of their period. Alia Al Jasmi practices walking every day after sunset, and the reason, as she says, is the extra weight. From her point of view, exercise represents an urgent requirement to prevent many diseases, especially since walking does not require much effort, according to Al Jasmi.
It also “does not require specific skills. It is a sport that is very beneficial and beneficial for the body , and is suitable for all ages and all people.” The benefits of walking The gynecologist, Dr. Atef Mounir, who exercises every morning before going to work, agrees with Alia Al Jasmi that the health benefits that walking can achieve are very abundant.
It also indicates its importance, whether for ordinary people, or for patients who suffer from obesity problems or from some problems related to the heart, pressure, or other modern diseases, which have become among the most important features that keep pace with the conditions of modern life. Dr. confirms. Mounir said that these benefits are not limited to those who suffer from obesity and its complications.
Rather, its benefits extend, as he explains , to pregnant women, as walking for long periods is among the most important factors that facilitate the delivery process, and help the fetus’s head descend into the mother’s pelvis, in preparation for the natural delivery process. Scarcity of parking What disturbs Sumaya Al Hosani’s mood the most, while walking on the Abu Dhabi Corniche, is the phenomenon of crowded car parks, which intensify on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of each week, which is the weekly vacation period.
Therefore, a large number of those wishing to practice walking resort, as Al Hosani confirms, to park their cars far from the Corniche, and cross the crowded street with cars, which always exposes them to the danger of passing cars, and for this reason, she stresses the need to find sufficient parking for cars, and to build bridges top infantry that can serve people,
And the evil of falling victims in front of cars. An inexpensive sport in turn, Sultan Al-Amoudi, a fan of practicing this sport, indicates that everyone has recently started resorting to walking, as a sport that gives him moderate body weight, and protects him from many obesity diseases, and also provides, according to him, a healthy fitness for its practitioners, and does not need To a great effort or a specific training to practice. Regarding the reason for his resorting to walking, Al-Amoudi says: “I gained a few kilograms of weight recently after marriage.

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quiet sport
quiet sport
And I had to practice this simple and beneficial sport for the body that does not need a large budget, a club or a health center, but what most hinders the practice of this sport, according to Al-Amoudi, “is the lack of sufficient parking for cars,” so that people can reach the Corniche area, given that the parking Existing cars are not enough for people going to exercise in the Corniche. The culture of sports As for Ahmed Muhammad Al-Sayed, he says: We need to promote the culture of sports, especially walking, after all our movements have become by car, and we no longer resort to walking except very little.
This led to an increase in obesity-related diseases, including diabetes and heart diseases such as pressure and other diseases that resulted from the manifestations of modern life, and they no longer depended on muscular effort as was the case in the past. Tariq Aziz notes that walking is one of the sports that foreign nationals of all ages accept, adding: Through my practice of walking, I find among them the elderly,
And the pregnant woman and the young man at the same time, because walking is an easy sport, which is suitable for all ages and people, in addition to its great benefit to public health, and to all body systems. Prying eyes Shadia Younis describes herself as a type who likes to practice walking, but what bothers her most, as she says, is that some women who want to practice this sport, especially pregnant women, are embarrassed by the “curious and intrusive eyes” that monitor their walking, in addition to some of the obstacles they face. They are exposed to it while they are practicing this sport alone on the Corniche,
Especially in the evening or morning times. Maryam Abdullah agrees with Shadia, stressing that she resorts to covering her face while practicing this sport, and the reason, as Maryam explains, is the eyes of the young people present on the Corniche, and there are many intruders who like to get to know the personality of the woman or girl who plays sports.
Which causes a lot of inconvenience. The weather is moderate. Laila Al Zarouni continues to practice walking every day, and confirms that the times of practicing this sport are not limited to certain hours without others, but rather include most of the day.
And many hours of the night, but the moderate weather remains, for her, the main criterion that makes her prefer certain times over others, so the more the weather is moderate, and the temperatures are lower, the greater the number of practitioners of this sport, given that the moderation of the air temperature is one of the things that help A person to exercise, and relieve him of the feeling of stress or rapid fatigue. Countless Benefits Dr. Marei Tawfik, a consultant cardiologist and internal medicine specialist, points out that walking is one of the least harmful exercises for the joints.
It is one of the sports in which oxygen is burned, which makes it beneficial for the heart and lungs, and helps to stimulate blood circulation. Dr stresses. Tawfiq emphasized that walking is a medium-stress sport that helps people maintain their fitness by burning excess energy, strengthening muscles, and improving the use of oxygen and energy in the body. Therefore, it reduces the risks associated with obesity, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, and heart disease. Dr. Tawfiq also considers walking to be similar to weight-bearing exercises. Walking with a straight, balanced stature strengthens the muscles in the legs, abdomen, and back.
It strengthens the bones and reduces their fragility. It also relieves a person of psychological stress, anxiety and daily stress, and improves the psychological situation and the response of the nervous system, and this is a result of the compounds secreted by the body during walking. It helps walking to get rid of excess weight, and this of course depends on the duration and speed of walking (the amount of effort expended). A person who walks at a rate of 4 km / h burns between 200 – 250 calories per hour (22 – 28 grams of fat).
If snakes crawl, birds fly in the sky, and fish dive in the water, then walking is an adjective close to man. It increases blood flow from the heart and improves its performance. It also protects against angina pectoris and coronary artery blockages, if a person perseveres with it. It even forms part of the rehabilitation schedule for patients with heart attacks.
Walking increases the capacity of the lungs and their ability to extract more oxygen, stimulates blood circulation in the extremities, prevents varicose veins and tumors of the feet, improves the entry of glucose into the muscles, and thus stimulates insulin performance, reduces blood sugar for diabetics, and is an effective treatment for diabetes mellitus. Rather, it is almost one of the methods of preventing diabetes for individuals who have a predisposition and susceptibility to this disease.

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